Are you worried about your child?

Children face many pressures in our modern society. Most do fine but some find it difficult to cope or do not get the support they need to feel safe, happy and confident. If your child is feeling distressed or troubled, they may express their unhappiness in a number of ways:


  • unable to concentrate
  • behaving out of character – irritable, sad, depressed, loss of interest/enjoyment
  • not sleeping, having nightmares, wetting the bed
  • becoming disruptive in class
  • getting fussy about food, or cleanliness, or developing eating problems
  • trying to harm themselves
  • having trouble making friends, or finding relationships at home difficult
  • becoming fearful and resentful
  • getting into fights and becoming aggressive
  • increasing alcohol/drug use.

If you would like an opportunity to discuss your child’s needs in confidence please contact me to book a consultation.